Unity Place Apartments,
Lowell, MA

Affordable Housing, Ground-up Construction

Sustainability first for 23 new units of affordable housing in Lowell

In May 2009, CBA purchased two of the city’s more notorious blighted properties at 478-486 Moody St. for redevelopment into a 4-story elevator building, incorporating the latest in energy and water-conservation measures, resulting in the production of 23 new units of permanently affordable rental units.

Completion Date – June 2011
Cost – $4.3M
Developer – Coalition for Better Acre
Architect – Winslow Architect

Case Study

The Moody Street corridor in Lowell was notoriously blighted for more than two decades. When Coalition for a Better Acre had the chance to purchase at foreclosure two of its more noteworthy properties at 478-486 Moody Street, this completed the transformation they had been undertaking since 2002. Their efforts began with renovations to St. Joseph’s Convent, St. Joseph’s High School, and North Canal Street Apartments, creating nearly 300 units of affordable housing for the neighborhood and literally transforming the area from its status on the “Troubled and Abandoned Properties List” to a community that is safe, well-designed, and environmentally responsible.

The new 4-story elevator building required frequent communication with CBA, the City, and area neighbors to maintain safety and share progress. Planning was essential to minimize disruption. Unity Place incorporates the latest in energy efficiency and water conservation. The project has achieved LEED Silver certification.

The Unity Place project, together with the other developments undertaken by CBA, protects the investment of public funds by offering quality affordable housing in well-managed, well-maintained complexes.